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What Equipment Do You Need To Start A Dog Grooming Business

Starting a dog grooming business requires the right tools and equipment to ensure that the furry clients receive top-notch care and attention. From basic necessities like grooming tables and clippers to specialized items such as nail grinders and ear cleaning solutions, there are several essential equipment that every aspiring dog groomer should have. This article explores the must-have items for starting a successful dog grooming business, providing a comprehensive guide for those looking to venture into the world of canine pampering and beautification.

What Equipment Do You Need To Start A Dog Grooming Business

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Essential Grooming Tools


One of the most essential grooming tools for any dog grooming business is a set of clippers. Clippers are used to trim and shape the dog’s coat, whether it’s a simple touch-up or a complete haircut. It is important to choose clippers that are specifically designed for grooming dogs, as they are equipped with the appropriate blades and motors to handle different coat types and lengths.


Alongside clippers, a variety of blades is necessary to achieve different lengths and finishes. Different breeds and coat types require different lengths of hair, so having a selection of blades allows the groomer to cater to the specific needs of each dog. Blades come in various sizes and can be easily attached to the clippers for efficient grooming.


Scissors are an essential tool for more precise trimming and shaping of the dog’s coat. They allow the groomer to create clean and neat lines, especially in areas where clippers cannot reach. Different types of scissors, such as straight-edge, curved, and thinning shears, are used for different purposes and achieve different effects.


Combs are versatile grooming tools that serve multiple purposes in a dog grooming business. They can be used to detangle and smooth out the coat, remove loose hair, and help in achieving a polished finish. Combs with different tooth sizes are available, allowing groomers to work with various coat textures.


Brushes are essential for maintaining a dog’s coat between grooming sessions. They help remove loose hair, prevent matting, and distribute natural oils for healthier fur. Different brushes are designed for specific coat types, such as slicker brushes for removing tangles and bristle brushes for finishing touches.

Nail Trimmers

Nail trimming is an important part of dog grooming to ensure the dog’s comfort and prevent nail-related health issues. Nail trimmers come in various styles, including guillotine, scissor, and grinder types. The groomer should choose the most suitable option based on their comfort and the dog’s behavior.

Ear Cleaning Tools

Proper ear hygiene is crucial for dogs, and having the right tools for ear cleaning is essential for a dog grooming business. Ear cleaning solutions, cotton balls, and ear wipes are commonly used to gently remove dirt and debris from the dog’s ears to maintain their health and prevent infections.

Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

Oral health is often overlooked but is an important aspect of overall dog grooming. Having toothbrushes and toothpaste designed for dogs allows the groomer to maintain the dog’s dental hygiene by brushing their teeth regularly. This helps prevent plaque buildup and other dental problems.

Grooming Table and Arm

A grooming table is a must-have for any professional dog grooming business. It provides a stable and elevated surface for the groomer to work on, making it easier to access different areas of the dog’s body. A grooming arm attached to the table helps secure the dog in place, ensuring safety and control during grooming sessions.


Dryers are vital for drying the dog’s coat after bathing and make the grooming process more efficient. High-velocity dryers are ideal for quickly removing excess moisture from the dog’s coat, while cage dryers can be used for more controlled drying. Portable dryers are also available for mobile grooming businesses.

Bathing and Drying Equipment

Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Using high-quality dog shampoo and conditioner is essential to maintain the health and appearance of the dog’s coat. Different shampoos are available for specific coat types, such as those formulated for sensitive skin or to enhance the coat’s shine. Conditioners help detangle and soften the coat.

Bathtub or Shower Stall

A dedicated bathing area is necessary for proper dog grooming. Whether it’s a bathtub or a shower stall, having a designated area for bathing ensures cleanliness and convenience. It is important to have non-slip surfaces and secure the dog in place to prevent accidents.

Grooming Tub

For larger dogs or professional grooming businesses, a grooming tub is a more suitable option than using a regular bathtub. Grooming tubs are designed to accommodate larger breeds and have adjustable features to make the bathing process easier and more comfortable for both the groomer and the dog.

Hose or Sprayer

A hose or sprayer is crucial for bathing dogs as it helps in rinsing off shampoo and thoroughly cleaning the coat. Having adjustable water pressure allows the groomer to adjust it according to the specific needs of each dog and ensures efficient bathing.


Having an ample supply of towels is essential for drying the dog after bathing. Absorbent and soft towels are preferred, as they are gentle on the dog’s coat and help remove excess moisture. Extra towels may also come in handy for any accidental spills or messes during grooming.

Slicker Brushes

Slicker brushes are not only useful for brushing the dog’s coat but also for removing excess water and speeding up the drying process. The fine bristles of the brush help to separate the hairs and allow air to circulate, leading to quicker drying.

High Velocity Dryer

A high-velocity dryer is a powerful tool that significantly speeds up the drying process. It blows a strong stream of air, effectively removing moisture from the coat and preventing matting. This tool is particularly useful for larger breeds or dogs with dense coats.

Cage Dryer

Cage dryers are designed to dry multiple dogs simultaneously, making them ideal for busy grooming salons. Dogs are placed in separate cages equipped with dryer attachments, allowing them to dry in a controlled environment. This enables the groomer to attend to other tasks while the dogs dry.

Safety and Restraint Equipment


Muzzles are important safety tools for dogs that may show aggression or discomfort during grooming. They help protect both the groomer and the dog from any potential bites or accidents. Muzzles should be used with caution and only when necessary, ensuring the dog’s comfort and safety.

Grooming Loops and Leads

Grooming loops and leads are used to secure the dog to the grooming arm or table, ensuring their safety and preventing any sudden movements during grooming. These tools provide stability and control, particularly when working on sensitive areas or performing intricate grooming tasks.

Grooming Harnesses or Nooses

Grooming harnesses or nooses are alternative options to grooming loops and leads. They are designed to safely restrain the dog during the grooming process and provide stability. Different styles and sizes are available to cater to the specific needs of different breeds and sizes.

Grooming Restraint Arm

A grooming restraint arm, also known as a grooming bar, is a crucial tool for ensuring the dog’s safety and security during grooming. It is attached to the grooming table and holds the grooming loop or harness securely, preventing the dog from jumping or falling off the table.

Slip Leads

Slip leads are commonly used in grooming businesses to safely escort the dog from the reception area to the grooming area. They are adjustable and can be easily slipped over the dog’s head, providing a secure hold without causing discomfort. Slip leads are versatile and suitable for various breeds and sizes.

De-matting Tools

De-matting tools are used to remove mats and tangles from the dog’s coat. Mats can be painful and uncomfortable for dogs, and using the appropriate de-matting tools helps eliminate them without causing harm to the dog’s skin. De-matting tools come in different forms, such as slicker brushes, dematting combs, and mat splitters.

Safety Scissors or Clippers

Safety scissors or clippers are specifically designed with rounded tips to prevent accidental cuts or injuries. They are useful when grooming sensitive areas, such as around the eyes, ears, and paw pads. Safety scissors or clippers provide peace of mind and ensure the dog’s safety during delicate grooming tasks.

Hygiene and Sanitation Products


Proper disinfection is crucial in a dog grooming business to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Disinfectants are used to kill bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens that can linger on grooming tools, surfaces, and equipment. Choosing pet-friendly disinfectants ensures the safety of both dogs and humans.

Cleaning Supplies

Having a stock of cleaning supplies, such as mops, brooms, buckets, and microfiber cloths, is essential for daily maintenance and cleanup. Regular cleaning and sanitizing of the grooming area help prevent the spread of germs and maintain a professional and inviting environment for both dogs and clients.

Hair Traps and Strainers

Hair traps and strainers are necessary to prevent hair from clogging drains and plumbing systems. These tools catch loose hair, preventing it from entering the pipes and causing blockages. Regularly cleaning and emptying the hair traps and strainers help maintain a smooth drainage system.

Grooming Apparel

Groomers should have specialized grooming apparel, including smocks or aprons, to protect their own clothing from hair, water, and grooming products. Grooming apparel should be comfortable, practical, and easy to clean, ensuring that groomers can work efficiently without worrying about stains or damage to their clothing.

Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are essential for maintaining hygiene and preventing the spread of germs during grooming sessions. They protect the groomer’s hands from potential irritants, such as grooming products and cleaning chemicals, and minimize the risk of cross-contamination between dogs.

First Aid Kit

Having a well-stocked first aid kit is crucial in any dog grooming business. Accidents or injuries can happen, and being prepared with essential first aid supplies allows for quick and appropriate response. The first aid kit should include items like bandages, gauze pads, antiseptic solutions, and tweezers.

Sanitary Products

Sanitary products, such as diapers, sanitary pads, or belly bands, may be required for dogs that are in heat or experience urinary incontinence. These products help maintain cleanliness and prevent any accidents or messes during grooming sessions.

Laundry Equipment

Laundry equipment, including industrial washing machines and dryers, is necessary for cleaning and sanitizing grooming towels, smocks, and other fabric items. Regular washing ensures that these items remain hygienic and free from hair, dirt, and potential allergens.

What Equipment Do You Need To Start A Dog Grooming Business

Grooming Accessories

Bows and Bandanas

Grooming accessories like bows and bandanas add a touch of style to a dog’s appearance after grooming. These accessories are available in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes, allowing groomers to provide a personalized finishing touch to each dog’s groom.

Grooming Sprays and Perfumes

Grooming sprays and perfumes are used to freshen up the dog’s coat and leave a pleasant fragrance. They can help neutralize odors and create a long-lasting scent of freshness. It is important to choose grooming sprays and perfumes that are specifically formulated for dogs to avoid any skin irritations or allergies.


Cologne is another option for giving dogs a pleasant scent after grooming. Dog-specific colognes are designed to be gentle on the dog’s skin and coat while leaving a subtle and refreshing fragrance. The choice of cologne should be based on the dog’s individual preferences and the groomer’s professional judgment.

Styptic Powder

Styptic powder is a first-aid tool used to stop bleeding in the event of a nail trim accident. It quickly and effectively helps coagulate the blood and prevents further bleeding. Having styptic powder on hand provides immediate relief and reassurance in case of mishaps during nail trims.

Dental Products

Dental care is an important aspect of dog grooming, and specialized dental products play a significant role in maintaining oral health. Dog-friendly toothpaste, toothbrushes, and dental chews can aid in preventing plaque buildup, gum disease, and bad breath. Regular dental care contributes to the overall well-being of the dog.

Stylish Leashes and Collars

Offering a selection of stylish and functional leashes and collars adds convenience and value to a dog grooming business. Different types, sizes, and designs cater to the diverse needs and preferences of dog owners, allowing them to find the perfect leash and collar combination for their furry companions.

Mobile Grooming Equipment

Mobile Grooming Van/Trailer

For mobile grooming businesses, a mobile grooming van or trailer is essential. These vehicles are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment for full-service grooming appointments on the go. Mobile grooming vans or trailers provide convenience and flexibility, allowing groomers to reach clients at their doorstep.

Generator or Power Supply

Mobile grooming businesses require a reliable power supply to operate the necessary grooming tools and equipment. A generator or alternative power supply source ensures uninterrupted grooming sessions and allows for portable drying and clipping without the need for electrical outlets.

Storage Cabinets and Shelves

Organizational tools, such as storage cabinets and shelves, are crucial for mobile grooming businesses. These storage solutions help keep grooming tools and supplies secure, easily accessible, and well-organized during transportation. Having designated spaces for each item minimizes the risk of damage or loss.

Water Supply and Tanks

A sufficient water supply is vital for mobile grooming businesses that operate outside of traditional salon settings. Equipping the mobile grooming vehicle with water tanks or containers allows groomers to have access to clean water for bathing and rinsing without relying on external water sources.

Dryers (Mobile-friendly)

Mobile-friendly dryers are compact and lightweight, making them suitable for mobile grooming businesses. These dryers ensure efficient drying without compromising quality. Portable dryers with adjustable settings provide flexibility to adapt to different coat types and sizes.

Portable Grooming Table

A portable grooming table is essential for mobile groomers to provide a stable and elevated surface to work on. Portable tables are lightweight, foldable, and easy to transport, enabling groomers to set up a complete grooming station at each client’s location.

Battery Backup System

To ensure uninterrupted service during power outages, a battery backup system is a valuable addition to a mobile grooming setup. This backup system ensures that essential grooming tools and equipment can still operate for a certain period, allowing groomers to continue their services even during power failures.

Business and Administrative Tools

Appointment Scheduling Software

Appointment scheduling software simplifies and streamlines the booking process for both clients and the grooming business. This software allows clients to schedule appointments online, helps manage appointment availability, and sends automated reminders to reduce no-shows or missed appointments.

Billing and Invoicing Software

Efficient billing and invoicing software are essential for managing financial transactions in a dog grooming business. This software automates invoicing, tracks payments, and generates financial reports. It helps maintain accurate records and ensures a smooth financial workflow.

Customer Management System

A customer management system, also known as a customer relationship management (CRM) system, enables the grooming business to maintain a database of client information and preferences. This system helps in managing client communications, tracking appointments, and maintaining a personalized relationship with each client.

Business Phone and Internet

Reliable phone and internet services are vital for smooth communication and efficient operation of a dog grooming business. A dedicated business phone line and high-speed internet connection ensure that clients can easily reach the business and that online operations run smoothly.

Marketing Materials

Creating and distributing marketing materials can help generate awareness and attract new clients to a dog grooming business. Materials like brochures, flyers, and promotional items can highlight the services offered, showcase the business’s expertise, and effectively communicate the value proposition to potential clients.

Business Cards

Business cards are essential for networking and leave a lasting impression with clients and industry professionals. They provide contact information and serve as a tangible reminder of the grooming business. Well-designed business cards reflect professionalism and credibility.

Website and Social Media Profiles

Establishing a strong online presence through a professional website and active social media profiles is crucial for the success of a dog grooming business. A website acts as a digital storefront, showcasing services, providing information, and facilitating online appointment bookings. Social media profiles help engage with existing clients and attract new ones through updates and promotions.

Additional Specialty Equipment

Teeth Scaling Tools

Teeth scaling tools are essential for professional dental cleaning in a dog grooming business. These tools help remove tartar, plaque, and stubborn stains from the dog’s teeth, improving their oral health and preventing dental diseases.

Anal Gland Expressers

Anal gland expressers are used to relieve the discomfort and prevent impaction of the anal glands in dogs. These tools assist in gently emptying the glands, maintaining proper anal gland function, and preventing potential infections or other related problems.

Specific Breed Clippers

For grooming businesses that cater to specific breeds or specialized cuts, having specific breed clippers is beneficial. These clippers are designed with breed-specific cutting requirements in mind, allowing groomers to achieve precise and breed-specific trims.

Stripping Knives

Stripping knives are specialized tools used for hand-stripping the coats of specific breeds, such as terriers or wire-haired dogs. These knives remove loose or dead hair by pulling it out from the roots, maintaining the natural texture and appearance of the coat.

Dogs Fashion Clothing and Accessories

Offering a selection of dog fashion clothing and accessories adds an extra touch of luxury and personalization to a dog grooming business. From stylish coats and sweaters to trendy collars and harnesses, these fashion items allow owners to express their dog’s personality and style.


Furminators are grooming tools designed to efficiently remove loose hair and reduce shedding. These tools have specially designed teeth that reach deep into the undercoat, gently removing loose hairs without damaging the topcoat. Furminators are particularly useful for heavy shedders or dogs with thick coats.

Tick and Flea Control Equipment

Tick and flea control equipment, such as tick removers, flea combs, and preventive treatments, are essential for maintaining the health and well-being of dogs. Regular checks, proper grooming techniques, and the use of tick and flea control products help prevent infestations and related health issues.

Training and Educational Resources

Grooming Books and Manuals

Grooming books and manuals provide valuable information and guidance for groomers, whether they are beginners or experienced professionals. These resources cover various grooming techniques, breed-specific grooming standards, health and safety practices, and insightful tips for achieving quality results.

Online Pet Grooming Courses

Online pet grooming courses offer flexibility and convenience for individuals looking to enhance their grooming skills or start a career in dog grooming. These courses cover a wide range of grooming topics, from basic grooming techniques to advanced styling and breed-specific grooming.

Workshops and Seminars

Attending workshops and seminars conducted by industry experts provides an opportunity for groomers to learn new techniques, stay updated on industry trends, and expand their knowledge and skill set. Workshops and seminars often focus on specific grooming styles or innovative grooming tools and techniques.

Certification Programs

Certification programs are available for groomers looking to demonstrate their expertise and professionalism in the field. These programs typically include written exams, practical assessments, and a demonstration of grooming skills. Certification can boost credibility and help groomers stand out in a competitive industry.

Dog Behavior and Handling Resources

Understanding dog behavior and handling techniques is crucial for a successful and safe grooming experience. Resources such as books, videos, or online courses that focus on dog behavior allow groomers to develop the skills needed to handle dogs with various temperaments or anxiety levels, ensuring a positive and stress-free grooming experience.

Maintenance and Repair Tools

Clipper Blade Sharpeners

Clipper blade sharpeners are necessary to maintain the sharpness and effectiveness of the clipper blades. Over time, blades can become dull or damaged, affecting their cutting performance. Blade sharpeners help groomers restore the blades’ sharpness, ensuring clean and precise cuts.

Scissor Sharpening Systems

Scissor sharpening systems are essential for maintaining the quality and functionality of grooming scissors. Regular use of scissors can lead to dull edges, compromising the quality of the cuts and potentially causing harm to the dog during grooming. Sharpening systems help groomers maintain their scissors’ sharpness for optimal performance.

Tool Cleaning Supplies

Regular cleaning and maintenance of grooming tools ensure their longevity and effectiveness. Cleaning supplies, such as blade wash, lubricating oil, and brushes, are essential for keeping clippers, blades, scissors, and other tools clean and free from debris or buildup.

Routine Equipment Maintenance

Performing routine maintenance on grooming equipment is necessary to avoid unexpected breakdowns and extend the equipment’s lifespan. Regular inspection, cleaning, and lubrication of motors, blades, and other components help ensure optimal performance and prevent costly repairs.

Replacement Parts

Having an inventory of replacement parts for grooming equipment is important for quick repairs and minimal downtime. Commonly replaced parts include clipper blades, drive belts, filters, and removable grooming table parts. Having spare parts readily available allows groomers to promptly address any equipment issues that may arise.

In conclusion, starting a dog grooming business requires a wide range of essential grooming tools, bathing and drying equipment, safety and restraint equipment, hygiene and sanitation products, grooming accessories, mobile grooming equipment, business and administrative tools, additional specialty equipment, training and educational resources, and maintenance and repair tools. By investing in the necessary equipment and resources, a dog grooming business can provide a professional and comprehensive grooming experience for clients and their beloved pets.


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