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How Was The Smooth Coated Collie Created

In the vast tapestry of canine breeds, the smooth coated Collie holds a unique appeal. Originating from a lineage that once herded livestock in the hilly expanses of Scotland and Northern England, this sleek-furred specimen has evolved into an adored family pet. This entire transformation is a captivating tale that underscores the ingenuity and persistence of dog breeders across generations. So, let’s journey through the remarkable genesis of the smooth coated Collie – a story painted with streaks of determination, grace, and of course, sheer love for man’s best friend.

Origin of the Smooth Coated Collie

Earliest recordings and historical findings

The origin of the Smooth Coated Collie, similar to numerous other dog breeds, is a mixture of anecdotal tales and historical findings. A significant part of the breed’s history is immersed in mystery. However, what’s commonly known is that the Smooth Coated Collie emerged from a myriad of working dogs in Scotland and Wales, around the 18th Century. Historically, these dogs were highly regarded for their herding prowess, a trait that the Smooth Coated Collie possesses to date.

Depictions in art and literature

The Smooth Coated Collie graced numerous works of art and literature, invoking its centralized role in the earlier societies. The breed received mentions in many pieces of literature. Numerous revered painters had Smooth Coated Collies as recurrent themes in their work demonstrating the breed’s significance during the said period.

Countries implicated in the origin

Primarily, Scotland and Wales are strongly implicated in the origins of the Smooth Coated Collie. These countries’ climates and landscapes were ideal for the breed, which was primarily used for herding.

Development and Expansion

Association with shepherding

As agriculture predominated in Europe during the 18th and 19th Century, Collies were invaluable due to their exceptional herding abilities. Farmers could count on them to herd cows and sheep with minimal supervision, their adeptness enabling them to manage large flocks.

Roles in early European society

In the early European society, Collies served as exceptional guard dogs besides their primary herding role. Their sturdy physical attributes made them ideal for these roles, and their defiance, intelligence, and agility ensured they were an important fixture in households.

Migrations and expansions

The Smooth Coated Collie breed expanded its reach as settlers moved across continents. Their prowess as working dogs made them apt companions for explorers, contributing significantly to their spread.

Genetic Diversification and Development

Cross-breeding for specific traits

The genetic pool of the Smooth Coated Collie was diversified through deliberate cross-breeding with other breeds like the Borzoi for speed and elegance. Breeders were aiming to enhance certain traits while reducing undesirable ones.

Evolution of the breed’s physical attributes

The breed’s attributes have evolved from practical, suited-for-purpose body structures to be more refined and elegant. This shift continues to date, as breeders work on reducing health complications associated with physical attributes, such as eye problems.

Outcomes of genetic diversification

Overall, the genetic diversification aimed at improving the breed’s physical attributes and health has been successful, resulting in the elegant, sturdy yet agile Smooth Coated Collie known today.

Steps in the Creation of the Breed

Selection of parent breeds

The primary ancestors of the Smooth Coated Collie are believed to be local herding dogs from Scotland and Wales. However, numerous undocumented crossbreedings make it challenging to pinpoint a precise lineage.

Criteria for distinct traits

Breeders initially gravitated towards traits that enhanced the breed’s ability as a working dog. However, as societal roles of dogs evolved, breeders aimed at refining the breed’s physical attributes and temperament. Overtime, traits such as intelligence, agility, and a friendly demeanor solidified it as an ideal pet breed.

Process of consistent breeding

Selective breeding, aimed at enhancing the breed’s preferred traits and reducing their undesired ones, has shaped the Smooth Coated Collie. Consistent breeding, coupled with meticulous selection of traits, has contributed to the dog’s present characteristics.

Challenges and Controversies in Creation

Genetic diseases and health complications

Like any other breed, the Smooth Coated Collie has had its fair share of hereditary diseases and complications. Conditions like Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) and Dermatomyositis are quite common.

Controversies around breeding ethics

Ethics in dog breeding has always been a contentious issue, and it has impacted the creation of the Smooth Coated Collie. Concerns ranged from overbreeding, inbreeding, and breeding dogs with known health issues.

Effects on the breed’s popularity and perception

Despite the controversies and challenges, the breed garnered popularity and was mainly prized for its intelligence and friendly nature. However, ethical issues have often cast a shadow on the breed and dog breeding as a convenience.

Establishment as a Distinct Breed

Recognition by kennel clubs and organizations

Major kennel clubs, including the American Kennel Club, recognized Smooth Coated Collie as a distinct breed in the 1880s. This recognition has helped maintain the breed’s unique characteristics.

Definition of breed standards

The breed standards for the Smooth Coated Collie emphasize their shape, coat, color, and temperament. These standards, enforceable during dog shows, contribute to the uniformity of the breed.

Integration into dog shows and competitions

Over the years, the Smooth Coated Collie has participated in many dog shows, including Westminster and Crufts. They have been categorized under the herding group, reflecting their origins as exceptional herding dogs.

Smooth Coated Collie in Popular Culture

Famous Smooth Coated Collies

Smooth Coated Collies have enjoyed moments of fame, particularly in the USA and UK. One prominent example is “Lassie,” the famous TV dog who captured many hearts worldwide.

Representation in media and entertainment

From television series to books, the breed’s portrayal in literature, film, and television has significantly impacted its popularity and shaped people’s perception of it.

Influence on other breeds and positioning in popular dog culture

While the Smooth Coated Collie isn’t the first herding dog, their intelligence and trainability had a significant influence on other herding breeds development. These factors have cemented the Smooth Coated Collie’s place as one of the most beloved breeds.

Current Status of the Breed

Present population and distribution

Presently, the Smooth Coated Collie enjoys worldwide distribution. The breed is popular in the U.S., the U.K., and across Europe but can be seen in many other parts of the world as well.

Modern roles and uses

Although still qualified herding dogs, today’s Smooth Coated Collies primarily serve as family pets. They are also common in therapy and service roles, thanks to their intelligence, trainability, and gentle nature.

Health and longevity statistics

Smooth Coated Collies have commendable longevity with a life expectancy ranging between 10 and 14 years. However, they face considerable health issues such as Collie Eye Anomaly, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and Dermatomyositis.

Breeding and Upkeep Today

Breeding and selection criteria today

Although several breeding standards are strictly adhered to, breeding today takes a holistic approach. This approach factors in the physical health of the dog, the temperament, and the lineage to ensure a healthy and well-rounded dog.

Common health examinations and procedures

Several health examinations are essential for this breed. Regular eye checks and bi-annual health check-ups are crucial in early identification and management of potential health issues.

Training and upkeep requirements

Training a Smooth Coated Collie is quite easy, thanks to their intelligent nature. Regular physical and mental stimulation is essential in maintaining their overall well-being. As for grooming, their coats require weekly brushing and occasional bathing.

Future Developments and Predictions for the Smooth Coated Collie

Future trends in breeding

The future of breeding might heavily lean towards eliminating common breed health issues. The use of genetic testing to guide breeding decisions could be the trend going forward.

Potential developments in health and genetics

A deeper understanding of genetic issues plaguing the breed could lead to significant strides in managing inherent breed diseases. In the future, we might witness healthier, longer-lived Smooth Coated Collies.

Predicted changes in popularity and distribution

While precise predictions are hard to make, the breed’s popularity will likely continue to rise, albeit slightly, mainly due to its affectionate and gentle nature. However, trends in shifts might occur with changes in lifestyle and society’s preference.


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